Dostinex (Cabergoline) user reviews

Seems to be decreasing the actual prolactin, still getting galactorrhea. Plenty of uncomfortable side effects. Dizziness, exhaustion, nausea or vomiting, constipation, depressive disorders


Excellent changes in some places, weirdness in some others. I am going to start it for a normal base


Functioning (4000 -> 121 within 4 months), no unwanted effects as far as I can notify.


Reduces prolactin amounts does absolutely nothing for the size of the tumour makes me personally really moody


Experienced a obvious big difference after the very first day on it. No modifications after that. Tumor has decreased by regarding 25% but the body’s hormones have not stable yet. It is doing the job!


Cabergoline has assisted to bring my tumor from a macro, quite high prolactin-producing tumour right down to a micro adenoma. Nevertheless the side effects are very serious in my situation but given how incorporated the tumour is with my pituitary gland, my professionals highly recommend against surgical treatment. Unwanted effects consist of dizziness, vertigo, experience as if my body is within continuous movement, serious migraine headaches, serious exhaustion, dry mouth, nausea, memory as well as concentration trouble and rest disorder.



Offered me the actual weirdest head aches and a horrible stuffy nasal area for the first Six months or so. Next, I just needed to wake up slowly so as never to pass out. The tumour shrunk although.

Dostinex does reduce in size my tumour. I’ve been utilizing it off and on for pretty much 15 many years. I have a practically two year


It operates but I have lost lots of hair, moody & severe headaches.


This treatment worked perfectly for me right after 5 many years of therapy I have come off the pills and am waiting for result to notice if my prolactin amounts have stayed exactly the same. My side affects where, fatigue, headaches, severe low bloodstream stress, dizziness and I’m unsure if the last one is associated but I’m certain my memory has alot even worse.


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